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Playing Craps Online

In this section we cover several aspects of playing online including game differences and general information. We also list some pros and cons comparing online play versus playing at a regular casino. If you have never gambled online we suggest also reading our Online Casinos section.

Game Rules and Variations

For the most part the crap game rules online are the same as the rules you would find at any casino around the world. There are however some slight differences from casino to casino and some additional bets which are rarely found in real casinos.

One bet type that is nearly only ever found online are the Place Bets to Lose. These bets are the opposite of the Place Bets and win if a 7 is rolled before the point. House edge on these bets range from around 1.8% to 3%. These are the sorts of bets that really only work online as you would annoy a lot of players making this sort of bet in a real casino.

Another slight variations is the way the commission in paid on Buy and Lay bets. If you like playing these bets it is worth double checking the rules before you play as the various casinos all seem to do this differently and you also have to keep rounding down of wins in mind.

Software Reviews

We have reviewed the crap games at all of the major online casino software providers. For detailed reviews and information on where to play select a software type listed below.

Software US Players Odds Rule Variations Play In
Cryptologic Not Allowed Double Yes - See Review $, £, €
Microgaming Not Allowed 3X Yes - See Review $, £, €
Net Entertainment Not Allowed 3X None $, £, €
Playtech Not Allowed 3X Yes - See Review $, £, €
RTG Welcome Double Yes - See Review $
Vegas Technology Closed 1X Yes - See Review $

More Information

We also recommend reading our Online Casinos section as we run through all you need to know to get started. If you have never played craps before then our How To Play Craps and Craps Bets sections are a must read before you gamble online.

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